Hosting React App in GitHub using gh-pages

Hosting React App in GitHub using gh-pages

Did you build React app and want to deploy it, following these simple steps you able to deploy and showing the world your amazing app.

I will show how to create and deploy React App using create-react-app and GitHub Pages.

Prerequisites :

Make sure you have Node.js and Npm installed in your machine.

Notice You’ll need to have Node 8.10.0 or later on your local machine.

Procedure :

1- First create a repository named my-app using create-react-app.

npm init react-app my-app

2- We need to install GitHub Pages package as a dev-dependency.

cd my-app
npm install gh-pages --save-dev

3- Add properties to package.json file.

The first property we need to add at the top level homepage second we will define this as a string and the value will be "http://{username}{repo-name}" {username} is your GitHub username, and {repo-name} is the name of the GitHub repository you created it will look like this :

"homepage": ""

Second in the existing scripts the property we to need to add predeploy and deploy.

"scripts": {
"predeploy": "npm run build",
"deploy": "gh-pages -d build"

GitHub package.json example final version

4- Create a Github repository and initialize it and add it as a remote in your local git repository.

Now, create a remote GitHub repository with your app name and go back initialize this
git init
add it as remote
git remote add origin [email protected]:Yuribenjamin/my-app.git

5- Now deploy it to GitHub Pages.

just run the following command :

npm run deploy

his command will create a branch named gh-pages this branch host your app, and homepage property you created in package.json file hold your link for a live preview, or you can open the branch setting scroll down to GitHub Pages section you will find Success Message.

Visit deployed app

6- commit and push your commit to GitHub. Optionally

git add .
git commit -m "Your awesome message"
git push origin master

That’s it, you have learned to host in the GitHub absolutely free of server cost with you react app using Gh-Pages and GitHub.

write to me [email protected] or comment for any further clarification.

Thank you…..

Koushik CH

Koushik CH

KOUSHIK CH is a Young Software Developer, who enjoys challenges, Traveling, eating out, and cookery. He is Accountable and Geek, but can also be very Mobile/Laptop Addicted and a bit Foodie Selfish.
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