Python course inside of NSA via a FOIA request

Python course inside of NSA via a FOIA request

Woke on Sunday morning, and discovered Chris Swenson’s tweet, he did an FOIA demand about the Python course within NSA, and afterward filtered the right around 400 pages obviously material. It is 118MB 🙂

I just went however the record rapidly, and a couple of focuses from that point.

  • such a large number of extra parathesis in the contingent articulations.
  • same goes to while explanation, while (I <= 20):
  • while (True)
  • Exemption dealing with came past the point of no return in the course.
  • They show profiling utilizing cProfile
  • They likewise show f-strings.
  • They have a type of inward cloud MACHINE SHOP, most presumably the occurrences are on CentOS/RHEL as they are utilizing yum directions two years prior.
  • An inner jupyter display which runs over HTTPS.
  • Notices pickle, at the same time, no notice of the security suggestions.
Koushik CH

Koushik CH

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