Best Places To Visit In Vietnam Post-Pandemic

Best Places To Visit In Vietnam Post-Pandemic

Travel is all that we are longing for after the COVID-19 pandemic. But where to travel is still out of the question due to uncertainty. Still, there are some perfect places in Vietnam, thanks to the safety and beauty degree, that you should spend your upcoming vacation in. 

More than a month after the social restrictions in Vietnam are lifted, the country is still doing great with the global outbreak of COVID-19 with only more than 300 confirmed cases and zero death. This makes Vietnam one of the tempted destinations to visit post-pandemic according to Travel+Leisure. Explore why it’s safe to travel to Vietnam here.

But now, if you are considering traveling after the outbreak is over, check out the following spectacles of Vietnam


A blend of the past and present, both classic and modern, Hanoi featured an extensive variety of marvelous sceneries for tourism.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Vietnam capital is among the top cities’ disease control and prevention. All 114 confirmed cases in the city have been cured and there is no restricted until now.


After the social distancing order came to an end, people from all over the nation have taken the chance to travel to Hanoi and feel the vigorous life post-pandemic here. Since mid-June, most of the tourist attractions in Hanoi have been back to normal operation.

Hanoi retains a multitude of charming French architectural works such as Presidential Palace, Tonkin Palace Hanoi Opera House, Hang Dau water tank, Long Bien bridge. Combined with the ancient design of houses in Hanoi Old Quarters, the city offers a chance to travel back in time.

According to the Telegraph, Hanoi was listed as the top 2 cities for the best cuisine. Visit here, you are bewitched by the local fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a myriad of fused dishes like Vietnamese baguette, Vietnamese beef noodles (Pho bo), or the local specialties like Noodles with grilled pork (Bun cha).

hnaoi food

To ensure the safety of tourists at this time, the Hanoi Department of Tourism requires tourist sites and destinations to follow the “New Normal” regulations. All places must regularly clean and sterilize. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and a proper place for hand-washing with clean water and soap shall be arranged for visitors. A thermal check is required in public places. That being said, the capital of Vietnam is preparing its best to welcome tourists in the very near future.

Northern Mountains

Mountains account for 40% of the country’s land area while the forests cover the other 42%. The most famous place to visit in the mountain ranges of Vietnam is Sapa with the Indochina rooftop, Fansipan mountain peak. Besides, if you don’t want to travel that far from Hanoi, you can opt for Pu Luong as an ideal alternative. It is around a 4-hour drive from the capital.

pu luong 1
Pu Luong – hidden place in Northern Vietnam

The Northern Mountains are best known for the ethnic minorities who have been living here for ages. The best experience is to stay with a local host and explore their traditions. Minor communities also possess multiple long-established values in form of their costumes, their festivals, and their farming techniques.

If you go to Sapa or Pu Luong in September, which is probably when the pandemic ends, you’ll be amazed by boundless terraced rice fields in full blossom. The brilliant yellow spreads from mountain to mountain while local people hold festivals to celebrate a fruitful harvest.

The very first Sa Pa Rose and Wine Festival will be a special highlight in the Sapa Summer Festival 2020. Bac Ha White Highlands Festival 2020 with the traditional Bac Ha Horse Racing will bring visitors interesting experiences.


The climate in the mountains is also pleasant even in the middle of the scorching summer days thanks to the extensive coverage of forests. The nice weather all year round in Sapa or Pu Luong makes sure that your activities, whether outside like trekking, visiting local markets or inside like cooking class, herbal bathtub experience, go smooth.


As one of the New Seven Wonders, Ha Long is always a hot spot for Vietnam tourism. Due to the close distance to the Vietnam-China border, the bay was closed in time of the pandemic. But when things get better and better, the Vietnamese government has taken great measures to initiate tourism in Halong Bay.

Kayak in Halong

The outstanding beauty of Halong lies in its pristine beauty with breathtaking mountains outcropping the emerald sea. In addition to visiting big and small islands, you can indulge yourself in the cool, blue water at Titop beach, Bai Chay beach.

Also, you can learn about the simple and rustic life culture of fishing villages on the bay such as Cua Van, Vung Vieng. If you love adventure, you can go for a kayaking tour to discover the spectacular caves in Halong.


Danang is a one-stop destination for all kinds of travel. It has turquoise beaches; it has magnificent mountains; it has top-notch resorts and hotels and also has warm and cozy local homestay.

My Khe beach never fails to capture the heart of beach lovers while Ba Na Hill with the incredible Golden Bridge has covered the Instagram feeds and stories for a while. Mother Nature grants the city pleasant weather with an abundance of sunlight, ideal for recreational activities, and vibrant festivals by the beaches.

da nang golden bridge

The city offers an outstanding balance between traditional and modern values. There is a myriad of high-rise buildings and luxury resorts coexisting with long-established Champa culture or the World UNESCO Heritage Bai Choi art. Da Nang can well accommodate all kinds of travel, thanks to its assets.

Despite a tourism hub, there were only 6 cases of COVID-19 infected in Danang when the pandemic hit Vietnam. As can be seen, the local government has done very well to control the outbreak. After the situation is settled, Danang made a comeback with a recent campaign, “See you in #Danang”. The city aims to be a destination of safety and friendliness. Besides entertainment activities, cultural tours are promoted to get tourists closer to the locals.

Hoi An

Hoi An is a not-to-miss destination for any trip to Vietnam. Being a UNESCO Heritage Site, this beautiful old town has more things to offer than the poetic sceneries highlighted by the mossy yellow color of the ancient houses.

It is home to some of the best traditional Vietnamese food, colorful lantern shops where you can learn to make your own lantern with the guidance of talented tailors.


Used to be the most bustling port in Southeast Asia, Hoi An still preserves its heyday in quaint cobblestone streets embracing small yellow houses selling gorgeous handicrafts.

On the full moon day, local people will hold the floating lantern festival on Thu Bon River, which creates an enchanting moment from candlelight. No surprise why it was voted as the best city for travel in the 2019 Travel+Leisure World’s Best Awards.

The global pandemic gave Hoi An a little break from the influx of tourists. It leaves the town with peace and quietness. That’s why you should take advantage of the low density of visitors to enjoy more of Hoi An after the pandemic.

Ho Chi Minh

Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City) is the busiest city in Vietnam. Its speed of life can make everyone dizzy. The city breathes life into all who settle here. From the most luxurious hotels to the cheapest guesthouses, the finest of restaurants to the tastiest of street food stalls, the museums to the flashy nightclubs, Ho Chi Minh is all about energy and discovery.

After a time of hibernation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the city has relaunched the tourism industry by a series of new tours to restore and develop tourism in the “new normal”. In addition to the image of a hectic and youthful Ho Chi Minh City, the local government shifts its focus on building a safe and secure destination for visitors.

HCM city

Most of the tourist attractions are reopened and combined in a brand new tour “Following the Saigon Special Forces Footprint”. The tour brings about the old days of the city, displaying the brave and independent spirit of the Saigonese. No matter fighting against visible or invisible enemies, they are all heroic.

In the time of writing this, Vietnam hasn’t restored its international airline routes. Still, the country will be allowing an e-visa application from the first of July. It is a clear sign that Vietnam will open the market for international travel soon.

With all the experience in disease control and prevention, this nation will be the top destination for a safe travel post-COVID-19. Follow our blog to get updated news as well as travel guidelines for the “new normal”! 

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